Thursday, January 8, 2009

More Mindens Painted

Minden SYW Austrians (2 on the left) compared to an RSM Austrian in the center on a penney, and a Prussian fusilier painted as the Hesse Seewald Prinz Heinrich Fusilier Regt.

I have finished the first squadron of the Esterhazy Hussars in Austrian service, as well as the repainted Hinchcliffe Austrian cuirassiers, and a few more Minden samples of the Austrian regiment Andlau. Several people requested a comparison photo with the RSM range, and as you can see in the picture above, the two ranges are compatible in terms of sculpting style and overall height and thinness. I would say that the Minden figure is a better sculpt, having slightly better anatomical proportions and more details and equipment. The figure on the far left uses black undercoating for everything, including the belts. The second figure from the left involves painting the belting grey and then painting a single shade of white over the grey, instead of retaining the black underneath as a sort of underlining technique. I think that covering up the black is the way to go. The black lining just stands out too much.

I also painted the one Prussian fusilier sample that I had in the imaginery uniform of the Prinz Heinrich Fusilier Regiment (IR9) in the Hesse Seewald army. He sports a green coat with straw breeches and waistcoat, and red facings. The mitre cap plate is brass, as are the buttons, while the mitre cap bag is straw with a red border. I like the way that this sample uniform turned out, so I expect to order a battalion of fusiliers once I make some headway on the other battalions that are already on order.

Hinchcliffe Austrian cuirassiers repainted by Der Alte Fritz

The picture above shows the Hinchcliffe figures that I repainted over the Christmas holiday. I thought that they turned out OK and placed an order for 24 more figures in order to bring the regiment up to three squadrons totalling 36 figures. Frank Hammond informed me that his Austrian and Prussian cuirassier castings are on the horizon, so the temptation is large to delay painting any more Hinchcliffes until I have a chance to tackle the Minden cuirassier figures.

Esterhazy Hussar officer - Crusader Miniatures

A troop of Crusader's Austrian hussars painted as the Esterhazy Hussar Regt.

Finally, I have posted a couple of taster photos of the Esterhazy Hussar Regiment that I am working on. I have 40 castings, but may only paint 24 of them for the time being. They turned out nicely, but I didn't have a lot of fun painting them. Another squadron of 12 figures sits on the painting table, but for now, I believe that I will work on a batch of 30 Minden Austrian infantry for a change of pace. I am starting to get burned out on painting horses. I will probably post more Esterhazy photos tomorrow.


  1. Yes the big difference between the RSM and Minden figures -- when seen at wargaming distances -- is the height of the musket.

    Up close the Minden is far more detailed . . . but at a meter's distance in a block of troops, both are quite nice.

    And your Hussars look good too . . . but I can see how they (or any hussars) would be tiresome to paint.

    -- Jeff

  2. Very nice figures, and an interesting comparison between RSM and Minden. I particularly like the hussars, and yes, as a breed they are a PITA to paint.

  3. The miniatures look very nice. I am enjoying the evolution of your imagi-nation, both the painting and the story.

  4. Thanks for the hussar photo. I have just done 16 Esterhasy Revell/hat hussars and your photo has just made clear a fundamental error with mine - I have forgotton to do the trumpeter in a tricorn despite having looked at a photo in one of the Osprey campaign books.


  5. Jim,

    Thanks for the RSM - Minden comparison picture.

    The one in Phoenix

  6. Interesting... the proportions of the Minden figures look good but to me the slightly stiff legged posture looks odd. The RSM figure doesn't look as detailed but the pose seems more natural. I don't know which I prefer.

    I do like the way you're happy to source figures from lots of different manufacturers and tie everything together with a consistent painting and basing style. It works really well!