Friday, January 30, 2009

Minden Austrian General

Regiment Andlau lead by General Brentano - Minden Miniatures (click pix to enlarge)

I spent a part of the evening painting one of the new Minden SYW Austrian mounted colonels, which I painted as a general in his red waistcoat and breeches. He would be one of the lower "General de Bataille" commanders with lapels and gold lace affixed to the border of the lapels. The coat pockets should also be bordered in gold lace. This fellow will command my growing brigade of Austrian Minden Miniatures.

Here is a closer view of the Austrian general.

You can see a close up view of the mounted colonel figure and it gives you a sense for how elegant the horses from the Ansell Stud Farm are. Richard has done the impossible: he has sculpted a horse that surpasses the old Stadden H1 and H2 30mm horses. Let me put it another way, this is one of the best horse figures that I have ever seen in the miniatures world. Outstanding figures like this are a true joy to paint. I black primed the figure, then layed down a coat of umber brown and then dry brushed a soft coating of ruddy brown (both colors are from the Reaper Pro Paints range of paints).

Over the weekend I will post part two of the list of Austrian "German" regiments that had pom pons and sort them by facing colors, as I did to the list sans pom pons.


  1. A most handsome and commanding figure indeed.

    -- Jeff

  2. That is a beautiful and elegant figure. The simple uniform of the Austrians shows off the sculpting even better than the Prussians!

    It may be the photograph but the horse looks a little smaller compared to the rider than the old Stadden/Suren horses. What manufacturer would you think it compares with?


  3. A very handsome chap.

    One of the things that I find interesting and attractive about your blog if the constant stream of well composed and shot pictures.

    If you ever find the time, I would be very interested in a blog post of photography tips.

  4. A stately model indeed! I very much admire youre painting of horses!

  5. Fritz, Great job as usual. Please see my second comment on your previous post. Best regards...Bill

  6. Very fine figures indeed. I look forward to seeing more.

  7. I never tire of looking at your pictures of your minis. Always an inspiration!

  8. Lovely figure, isn't it. I've just this morning received my Austrian colonels from Frank and agree entirely about the quality of the figure and the horse. The figure actually fits the horse without filing and the little details like the ends of the reins in the left hand - and the hand being next to the reins on the horse without an unsightly gap - are exceptional.

    They are noticeably smaller than the Suren figures, in answer to a query above, but so much better. They'll be fine in separate units which is what I plan to do.

    Great stuff, Fritz. Inspiration for the new year!