Saturday, February 25, 2023

Prussians on the march


Prussian musketeer regiment Alt Braunschweig marches across the chasm.

I made these "end cap" mountain modules to decorate the ends of my game table for the Sudan. However a little bit of greenery here and there easily transports the scenery into central Europe for my SYW battles.

The bridges over the gorges are natural places to park some marching infantry so that they can mug for the camera. In these pictures the Prussian musketeer regiment IR5 Alt Braunschweig regiment is marching across the bridge. These are, of course, Minden Miniatures Prussian figures.

A small piquet post of Prussian dragoons guards the road.


  1. A lovely setting there Jim and both figures and terrain look superb:).

    1. Thank you Steve. I was hoping that my end caps for Sudan would work for Europe and they appear to do so when green foliage is added to the terrain pieces.

  2. A splendid sight! The terrain piece looks just dandy in a European setting too.