Saturday, February 4, 2023

In the Bazaar of old Khartoum

The local market place, or bazarr in Khartoum


I like to populate my wargame scenics with civilians and vignettes to enhance the appearance of my table top. Civilians are easy to find in my regular 28/30mm figure sizes, but are harder to find in the toy soldier size of 54mm or 1/32 scale. So over the years, whenever I see a figure that looks remotely like something that can be used in the Middle East and Khartoum, I snap it up as quickly as I can.

The civilian population of my Khartoum movie set has grown nicely over the past two years. By my count I now have 22 Arabic figures and 6 European figures that are appropriate for 1880s Khartoum. These are some of the figures that will be on display in my Khartoum! wargame at Historicon 2023.

A nice close up photo of the market stalls.

The majority of the Arabs are made by a toy soldier company called "King & Country" that is located in Hong Kong. The company was established in Hong Kong in 1983 by an expatriate Scot, Andy Neilson. King & Country. I have several European civilians from various sources that can stand in for some of the unfortunate ex-pats residing in Khartoum.

I recently found these two 1/32 scale market stalls.

General Gordon's arrival in Khartoum

The European ex-pats welcome Gordon to Khartoum

On the upper deck of the Nile River steamboat.
Gordon is in the center, wearing a red fez.


Departing from Cairo for the journey up the Nile to Khartoum.

More civilians in the streets of Khartoum. I particularly like the man with the houkah.

I am always on the lookout for more Arabic civilians, so if you know of any then please let me know.

I look forward to meeting some of my blog followers at Little Wars and Historicon. Drop by and say hello at the conventions, or better yet, sign up for my games.


  1. They look great and really add to the look of your table:).

  2. Terrific stuff, Jim! Your recent work reminds me of BBC period series/films. Sort of Merchant-Ivory films with an Errol Flynn action-adventure twist.

    Kind Regards,


  3. Keep,an eye out on the Vectis company auctions site . They get lots of K&K . They are near me I could bring some stuff over in July

  4. This is magnificent! The tables in your previous post look absolutely superb. The people who go to the conventions are in for a real treat!
    Regards, James