Saturday, February 18, 2023

For Sale - Thinning out my collections


These are 54mm Rot Wurzberg figures from John Jenkins Designs as part of its Battle of Leuthen figure range.

I am starting to thin out my collection of wargame figures because I need the extra storage space and a little extra cash never hurts. First on the list is a collection of 22 figures of Rot Wurzberg musketeers for the Battle of Leuthen. 

These are 54mm figures and are out of production. The command figures are rare and particularly hard to find. I am selling all 22 figures as one set, so I am not selling individual figures. These normally sell for around $40 or more per figure, so they are going at a discount in my sale. Selling Price: $500 plus shipping

Close up view of the command figures: 2 standard bearers, 1 officer holding his tricorn hat, and 1 drummer.

Close up view of some of the rank and file musketeers.

The Thinning Out Plan
I plan on reducing the number of war game armies that I own so that I can focus on fewer periods and scales. I will keep my Fife and Drum AWI armies, Minden SYW armies, 54mm Sudan and 54mm Romans/Carthaginians. These are the armies that I am likely to play with on a regular bases, whereas the other armies listed below have not been in play in recent years. Eventually we will be downsizing our house now that we are empty nesters and so storage will become a problem. I want to get a head start on reducing my collections prior to moving to a smaller house.

Bye-Bye Big Battalions
I sold off all of my Big Battalion SYW Austrians and Prussians last week. I had nine large boxes of the figures so this created a lot of storage space in my game room. The buyer is a local so I will still have an opportunity to game with these armies once in awhile. I still have a SYW British army that I will consider selling. Send me an email if you are interested.

Future Figure Sales
To provide a heads up on what is to come, here is a list of the armies that I will put up for sale in the near future. I have to gather up pictures and inventory what I have before applying prices.

RSM SYW French Infantry. These are based as 24 figure battalions. I will post more information and pictures later this week. I will sell individual battalions from this collection. These are very nicely painted figures, painted by Dennis Smail, formerly of RSM figures.

Late Romans and Barbarians - again, I will post pictures and information within the next week or two. My preference is to sell these armies as one collection. My recollection is that I have at least 20 barbarian (Saxons and Franks) war bands of 20 figures, or 400 foot in total. I will have to do an inventory of the barbarian cavalry and the Roman foot and cavalry. Most of the figures are Wargames Foundry sculpted by the Perry twins plus a few Gripping Beast metal figures. I painted all of these figures. They are individually based on 3/4" square metal bases that fit into magnetized movement trays.

There are lots and lots of unpainted SYW Foundry figures available. I will do an inventory of what I have and post the information on this block. I also have large collections of unpainted Eureka War of Austrian Succession Dutch and Saxons available.

On The Work Bench - New Stuff

On the work bench, some recently painted 54mm plastic Egyptian regulars for my Sudan project.


  1. Selling off those fine Wurzburg figures must be a wrench!

  2. Sounds like a major restructuring. Bon chance with your plans

  3. The Egyptians look excellent Jim. Kudos to you for tacking this issue which effects all of us, one way or another.
    Alan Tradgardland

  4. Good luck with the sell off. Hope you make oodles of dosh

  5. Tempting. Curious about scale as I'm unfamiliar with some of these manufacturers.

    1. John Jenkins Designs makes 54mm/60mm toy soldiers for the collectors' market. I think that the figures are made in Hong Kong. They are a bit larger than, say, Armies In Plastic figures. I wouldn't use these JJD figures for wargaming as they are more for display.