Monday, March 6, 2023

Austrian Artillery at Mollwitz


I worked on some close up pictures of units on my game table for my Mollwitz game. I thought that the Austrian artillery pictures were particularly good. The equipment and figures are Minden Miniatures. The ammo wagon is the Russian wagon (frankly the Austrian and Russian wagons look nearly the same) and the team of limber horses is driven by an Austrian train driver. The two fellows carrying a wooden box are from one of the  Civilian Ag Workers set.

Moving the camera away from the ammo wagon reveals more of the battery in action. Notice how the figure and equipment bases blend in with the Cigar Box Battle Mats green mat. Nice coincidence on my part.

Close up of the Austrian cannon and crew. In the first picture you can see the Austrian limber teams positioned well behind the cannons. I think that adding limbers and ammunition wagons adds  a lot to the visual look of a Wargame army.

If you own some Minden Austrian and Prussian armies then head on over to the Fife and Drum Miniatures web store and start rounding up your recruits today.

Fife & Drum web store

Coming next: the Savage Swann Inn in the town of Mollwitz.


  1. Excellent photos and beautiful miniatures! Well done as always!

  2. Lovely figures and photos, very inspirational too.

  3. I really admire your artillery as it is always accompanied with limbers and ammunition wagons. Wargames armies (my own included) often lack that level of realism and it shows the amount of real estate actually used by the guns and all the support vehicles and personnel. Lovely!

  4. The limbers and carts etc. certainly add to the whole look of your artillery, great inspiration to be had as I am just starting out on an Austrian army.

  5. Its a lovely set up you have Jim, and you should be rightly proud of what you have achieved, so well done that man.

  6. Very nice pictures. I changed all my Austrian artillery after learning that the uniforms were looking completely different during the 1740s (grey coats for example except for officers). Your guns are looking excellent.