Monday, September 12, 2022

More Terrain Magic


British Heliograph team atop the newest mountain.
Figures are 54mm Little Legion figures.


I think that I am really starting to get the hang of this terrain making thing. I finished a large hill model over the weekend and embellished the fish tank terrain pieces that I had bought at the pet supply store,

Here is a picture of the newest terrain piece (on the right) overlooking an oasis piece that I made last week. I had some palm trees, but moved them out of the way when I snapped the picture.

Same as the previous picture, but from a higher perspective. 

The long view of the table, getting ready to fight the battle of Abu Kru.

The Camels Are Coming, Tra La Tra La.
I think that the stands of Acacia Trees look the part for Sudan.

Some of the camels are deployed as flankers to deter or trip an ambush.

The Heliograph team keeps an eye on the progress of the Desert Column as it marches towards the Nile River.

A close up view of the Heliograph unit. They look quite at home on the top of their new residence.

My work in progress includes several 15-inch long sections of "desert wadi" modules. I am waiting for the wall board paste to dry before applying the final dry brushing technique, so these should be ready to show within several days.


  1. I'm curious where you're getting these. I've considered fish-tank terrain (and used grasses, etc for jungle) but usually find sunken ships and out-of-scale-and-period buildings.

    Interested to see the Nile figures as I have been reading several of Mike Snook's books on the campaigns.