Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Making Terrain: Did I Really Do That?

Best terrain piece that I have ever made, in my opinion.

Last week was terrain week at Hesse Seewald and I had to extend it over into this week in order to complete one of the terrain pieces that I had started the week before.

Terraining the bases of some of my Dervish command figures.

I made this house about a year ago. This week I put it on a base and added a few accoutrements.

Every game in the desert needs an oasis and I didn't have one until this week.

I made some more Acacia trees using artificial plastic flowers that I bought at Michael's Stores.

And last, but not least, is the pair of hills, connected by a bridge, that I finished today. I drew inspiration from Ian Smith's 40mm Peninsula War terrain and got the low down on how to make it from the book " Setting the Scene, Volume 2, Creating A Wargames Layout For the Mediterranean " by Pat Smith. Pat provides an easy to do step by step guide to creating mountains and many other types of terrain and I highly recommend the purchase of his book.

I'm not going to go into the details of how I made the terrain model because you will see the story in one of the wargaming periodicals in the not too distant future. I made my model smaller than Pat's due the amount of storage space that a bigger model would require. I can say that the model had too main sections of elevation and a small piece of interval terrain so that the bridge would have something to cross.

I am quite happy with the way that this model in particular turned out and I will undoubtedly try my hand at some more ambitious terrain projects in the future.

Next Post:  the Battle of Abu Klea. Here is a taster of this project:



  1. That is a beautiful piece of terrain, Jim!

  2. That’s a very productive week Jim. Those books by Pat are very, very good and I agree, very worthwhile purchases. It’s all looking quite superb.

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  4. Excellent stuff. I've been trying to get a copy of Pat's books for a while, but they have been out of print for over a year. I'm hoping they'll do another run sometime, or at least release a digital version of some kind.