Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Advancing Towards Abu Kru


The Camel Corps mounts on and continues is advance to the Nile River at Metemmeh.

The Desert Column has departed from the water wells of Abu Klea and is moving towards the village of Metemmah on the Nile River. Whilst the Dervishes were soundly defeated the other day, there is no doubt that there will be more to encounter as the column marches towards the Nile. You can read the battle report for my Abu Klea game Here

General Herbert Stewart, the commander of the Desert Column, leaves about a third of his force back at the water wells, where they guard the baggage, the wounded and the artillery. Stewart decided that given the pour performance of the Gatling Guns at Abu Klea, that they will only hinder the speed of the column and not provide any substantial help in a battle. Accordingly, he leaves the artillery with the rear guard. The rear guard are posted on a low rise where their artillery can provide support for Stewart's advancing forces.

Casualties from the Battle of Abu Klea are carried on camel born stretchers.
We leave no man behind.

The Yorks & Lancs have to travel on foot.

Hopefully, Gordon's steam ships will be waiting for the Desert Column when they reach the Nile River.

General Stewart leaves around a third of his force, along with the baggage, wounded and artillery,  back at the water wells. 
They will fortify their position by building a zariba around the perimeter.

Accordingly, General Stewart has sent his two squadrons of Egyptian Lancers out ahead of the column to stir up any Dervish warriors that might be hiding in the Acacia Trees. Their long lancers are the perfect weapon to use against the wily Dervish who like to hide in the scrub bushes and then jump up and ambush the unsuspecting rider.

Old Britain's hollow cast Egyptian Lancers have been repainted and based on MDF movement bases.
Each squadron (12 riders) has its own squadron flag (red, green and blue).

What's in that wadi?

Why Dervish riflemen, of course...

...see how they run!

You would run too if you saw those pig stickers riding your way.

Some of the unfortunate ones, alas, do not make it to safety.

The lancers have flushed the Dervish out of the Acacia trees and scrub, clearing the way for the Desert Column to advance.

The Egyptian Lancers flush the Dervish riflemen out of the Acacia trees.

However, a blocking force of Dervish are spotted on the horizon giving indication that they plan to contest Stewart's advance to the Nile River. The Battle of Abu Kru is about to happen.

 As I write this I don't know, either, how the battle will turn out. Will the Desert Column make it the relative safety of the Nile River or will they be annihilated by the Dervish? Will General Stewart survive the battle?Stay tuned with this blog to read the outcome of the battle.



  1. Not my period or 'scale' at all Jim, but a spectacular looking game for sure:).

    1. Thank you Steve, spectacular is what draws me to this period. 😎

  2. Fabulous setup - awaiting the battle :)

    1. I just finished the solo play of the game and will post the results within the next couple of days. It was a tense fight that could have gone either way, depending on the dice rolls.

  3. I'm reading Mike Snook's Beyond the Reach of Empire right now - a fine accompaniment to this very battle.

    1. I have his Go Strong Into the Desert book which is very good.

    2. That's the only one of his I haven't been able to find.

  4. Jennifer, I got my copy from the Perry Miniatures web site.