Monday, January 31, 2022

Picture of the Week: LaSalle In Spain


This week’s picture features a diorama that I set up in 2013. It depicts a column of French light cavalry and light infantry in Spain marching under the gaze of General LaSalle.

The figures are a variety including Elite Miniatures ( chasseurs a cheval), Old Glory light infantry and an assortment of civilians from Perry Miniatures. The buildings were scratch built by Herb Gundt.

After looking at these pictures it makes me want to haul the collection out of storage and set up a Peninsula game or two.


  1. Thats an impressive looking scene and very inspiring - I expect to see a Peninsula game in the not too distant future!

  2. A lovely setting! Reminds me why I love toy soldiers.

  3. A Peninsular game is a good idea, Jim.

  4. Excellent figures and photos, Jim. The gaming butterfly has struck again! :-D