Thursday, September 9, 2021

First unit of Roman Hastati Painted


HaT Industrie 1/32 scale Roman Hastati
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I finished painting the first 16 figure unit of Republican Roman Hastati for my 2nd Punic Wars Project. The HaT figures paint rather fast and they are fun to paint, so I would imagine that new units should be rolling off the assembly line at a rapid pace going forward. I can easily paint 32 figures per week, which equates to two boxes of figures. I rather imagine that I can knock out a few more figures per week, perhaps 48?

Front view

Rear view 

The Roman figures are standing on 40mm rounds from Litko bases. I will probably order some 8-figure movement stands (two ranks of 4 figures) from Litko. The 10 and 6 figure stands are "stand ins" so that I can see how they will look when they are formed up.

The picture below provides a mockup of how the infantry units might look when they are deployed on the table. I am using 16 figures per unit, in two ranks, having a frontage of 14-inches.

Two Spanish allies in the front row. Carthaginian Veterans in the second row, on the right, and a pair of elephants
The red plastic unit is Roman .

The two buildings and the temple were made by Herb Gundt for use with 28mm figures, however, I think that they make for a nice backdrop for the photos that I am taking. I don't expect to have many scenarios where the armies are fighting in or for a village, so the size or scale of the building doesn't really matter.

Today was a primer day. I spray primed 32 Spanish and 6 Carthaginian Veterans. So now I have a good stock of ready to paint figures on hand.

The two Spanish allies' units are next on the painting table.


  1. Great looking figures.
    Do they sing Hastati Manyana , til me meet again?

  2. Nice work. I'm enjoying watching this project come together.

  3. Lovely work, projecting moving along nicely

  4. I don't know Jim, I don't visit your blog for a couple of weeks and then this happens! Good work, they are looking wonderful,


  5. They look very nice, promising project!