Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Another Head Conversion


The officer from the CA-002 Armed Civilians pack gets a new chapeau.

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I needed one more officer for the 2nd New Hampshire regiment that I am painting for my Freeman's Farm game at this year's Seven Years War Association convention on August 5th through 7th in South Bend, Indiana.

Side view of the converted figure.

The officer holding a pistol, from the Armed Civilian pack, looked like a good candidate for a easy head swap. When the head is sort of out there by itself, with no weapons or hat or pole arms to complicate things, then it is very easy to do a head swap.

As stated in the previous post, I used an Exacto fine tooth mitre saw to do the surgery and a small pin vise to drill holes in the torso and the new head. A pin was cut from a piece of wire and inserted into the torso, adding a small snake of green putty around the pin to secure the join and to make a neck if needed. Any excess putty is scraped off and then Bob's your uncle, you are finished.

The 2nd NH regiment is completed, save for the terraining of the base and the addition of a GMB Designs flag. The flag is on order so the regiment will have to operate without its flag for awhile. My recollection is that they lost their flag at Fort Ticonderoga when the British captured the fort (and some flags).


  1. You have really nailed convincing head conversions with this fellow and the last batch. As a previous commenter mentioned, I'd never know had you not been up front about the conversions. Highly impressive modelling.

    Best Regards,


  2. It still amazes me that a simple head change can totally transform the look of a figure and add character to him. Excellent work Jim.

  3. Another fine topknot conversion