Sunday, December 20, 2020

Picture Worth A Second Look

I’ve been sorting some of my photos and I liked this one enough to post on the blog. All of the elements come together quite nicely: Herb Gundt buildings, Richard Ansell’s sculpts, and Cigar Box Battle Mats.

Here we have some American militia gathering to meet a nearby threat.


  1. Great photo to see Jim. Everything comes together very effectively. It is really interesting to see the look of 3D terrain with the coloured mat. Which particular mat is it?

    1. #510 New Europe 6 x 4 plus mat from Cigar Box Mats

  2. It’s very bucolic. Love those buildings.

  3. Yes. I dare say that your set-up now rivals anything put on by the WHC in its hey day. Like a model train layout, there are so many wonderful details to take in, yet at the same time the table remains playable. Wargaming perfection in my view.

    Best Regards,


  4. Nice photograph and lovely tableau, indeed.
    (but possibly airbrush out the modern machine made round hay bales?)(sorry) 8-)

  5. Yes, quite an idyllic modelling/wargaming scene. The simple backdrop worked so well and clearly good lighting for the photo too.
    Regards, James