Friday, December 4, 2020

Leuthen Church


The gateway to the Leuthen churchyard.

December 5th is the anniversary of the Battle of Leuthen, fought in 1757. Leuthen was Frederick the Great's signature battle during which he employed the Oblique Order tactics to perfection. I thought that I would post some pictures that I took of the Leuthen church in 2016. This tour was led by Christopher Duffy. I think that most blog readers will know who his is.

The front gate and the church spire in the background. The building at the right is a recent addition and was not there in 1757.

Inside the churchyard and rear view of the gate way.
The people give us an idea of how high the courtyard walls are.

One of the round corner turrets of the church yard.

A couple of notable tourists. Can you identify them?

A view of the Protestant church seen from the Catholic
(the famous church building) church in Leuthen.

The front facade of the Leuthen church.

The Prussian attack came from the direction of the camera and towards the two church spires on the horizon . The spire on the right is the famous Catholic Leuthen church while the spire on the left is the more recent Protestant church, which was not there at the time of the battle.


  1. Haven't we seen these photos before? I always enjoy seeing your battlefield tours.

    Will you be refighting Leuthen tomorrow?

    1. I probably posted them back in 2016 when I was on the Duffy tour.

  2. Nice to see! I always feel sorry for the guys who fought so bravely there!

  3. Neat to see these photographs again! I recognize the figure on the left as Charles S. Grant. The other I am unsure of.

    Best Regards,