Monday, December 28, 2020

French Artillery of the SYW


Minden Miniatures SYW French 12-pounder artillery battery.

Here is a diorama that I made a few years ago of a French artillery battery circa the Seven Years War. All figures are Minden Miniatures and all equipment is from the Fife and Drum artillery equipment range. The French 12-pound Valliere System cannon (AE-010) is a beautiful model with lots of intricate barrel detail “bling” on it.

In the diorama I had to make the ram rods longer to account for the longer barrel length. This is done easily with a piece of wire and some green epoxy putty to make the swab and push ends of the ram rod.


  1. I remember this piece! Beautifully done.

    Best Regards,


  2. The Valliere cannon are some of the choicest pieces of your ranges, and that is saying something given the overall quality. Great diorama.