Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Saratoga British Now Available In the Fife and Drum webstore

I finished adding the new product codes for all of the new packs of Saratoga Campaign British infantry. The new codes are as follows:

BA-030 British Center Company Command (5 figures) -- $10.00
BA-031 British Center Company Soldiers Marching (9 figures: 3 each of 3 poses) -- $18.00

BA-032 British Flank Company Command (5 figures) -- $10.00
BA-033 British Flank Company, Marching - suitable for either grenadiers or light company (8 figures) -- $16.00
BA-034 British Flank Company Skirmishers or Firing Line (7 figures) -- $14.00
BA-035 British Flank Company Advancing at Porte Arms (8 figures) -- $16.00

​BC-008  Mounted Officer wearing round hat with left side turned up (horse and rider) -- $6.00

Click on this link to go directly to the web store to place your orders:

Note that we made some flank company figures in marching poses (BA-032 and BA-033) so that they can be used as both the converged light battalion and the converged grenadier battalion that fought at Saratoga under the command of Simon Frasier. The BA-033 pack of flank company soldiers advancing are also well suited for the converged battalions.

We also made a number of skirmishing flank company figures to use as, well, skirmishers in your war-games or as individual action figures in small skirmish level games.

I have just started to paint samples of all of the new pictures to post both here and in the web store. The webstore products have pictures of the unpainted castings, for now, soon to be replaced with pictures of the painted figures.


  1. Great looking figures. They'll be a must have for the collection.

  2. And the empire just keeps growing Jim, its quite an achievement.