Saturday, February 15, 2020

Saratoga British Light Company Diorama

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All ten of the figures that are included in the Product Code BA-034
Saratoga British Flank Company Skirmishers.
There are three of each pose plus one Sergeant in each pack.

I finished painting samples of most of the new Fife and Drum Miniatures Saratoga British figures. I threw together a temporary diorama showing some of the light company skirmishers from pack number BA-034 Flank Company Skirmishers/Firing Line with ten figures per pack.

The diorama sits on a slab of wood that I purchased at Michael's Stores. I didn't want to glue the figures onto the base because I have another use in mind for these figures. Instead, I set up the figures in a skirmish line and then used some of the dried out lichen that was sitting on my game table. My lichen dries up during the Winter unless I store it in a sealed bag. The lichen is so dry that one can crush it into a powder of sorts and sprinkle it all over the base. I used a mix of the various lichen colors on hand and dressed up the base by adding a couple of stones for boulders and some small twigs for logs. After that, I sprinkled some Woodland Scenics green grass flock to fill in the parts of the base that we uncovered by the lichen.

A better view of the diorama from further away.

One of these pictures will be used to illustrate the contents of the pack BA-034 in the webstore and after that I will base each figure on its own 25mm round base - these will then become part of a 12-figure unit for skirmish level games.

Now I'm kind of wishing that I had glued the figures to the base and had made a permanent diorama to use as a display piece at conventions in my dealer booth.


  1. Inspired job, great looking minis and base!

  2. What a lovely looking piece, great idea for the base.

  3. I'm sure you'd manage to settle them into the base and fix them to it. They look great!