Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Saratoga British Castings Pictures

Flank Company Skirmishers or firing line

The new Saratoga Campaign British infantry have arrived and I will be sorting out the figures and creating new product SKUs  and numbers to the web store over the course of this week. I should have the new product codes ready by tomorrow so that you can start planning your orders for British Saratoga figures.

Please click on all pictures to enlarge the view.

Flank company NCO directing fire and kneeling firing poses.

Mounted Officer Wearing Round Hat

New British officer wearing round hat turned up on the left side.

Reverse view of the new mounted officer.
Center Company Figures

Center Company NCO (left) and three rank and file marching.

Reverse view of the center company figures.

Center Company Command (left to right): officer, drummer, standard bearer and NCO.

Flank Company Figures Marching

I had the flank company figures sculpted in marching poses with the idea of using them for the converged grenadier and light company battalions commanded by Simon Frasier during the battles of Freeman's Farm and Bemis Heights.

Flank company marching. These can be used for the converged grenadier battalion as well as the  converged light companies.

Reverse view of the flank company marching figures.

I will start painting some samples of each figure once I have the items set up in the web store.

It goes without saying that I really like these new castings and I am looking forward to building my British army for the Saratoga Campaign. As usual, Griffin Moulds produces castings that are sharp and clean of little burrs or flash on the figures. Also, the bayonets have been very strong in recent years and these are no exception. I dropped a few of them on the floor, bayonets down, to test their strength and they came through with flying colors.