Monday, February 3, 2020

Saratoga British Figures Arrive Today. Huzzah!

I am really excited to report that the Saratoga British castings will arrive from Giffin Moulds this afternoon. Delivery is promised between noon and 3PM, but it seems like the UPS deliveryman always has me last on his delivery. UPS has an app that allows one to follow the delivery truck en route to your house. It's funny, I watch a truck pass within a block of my hours as it goes to make a delivery several miles away. It does this multiple times for some reason. Very confusing.

Perhaps the packages are loaded into the truck by weight, with the heaviest items loaded onto the truck first, thus making them the last items to be delivered. I am assuming that UPS has some sort of linear programing model that selects the optimal order of delivery. With two 20kg boxes coming to my door...

I digress.

I will post some pictures of the castings later on this afternoon or evening, so make another visit to this blog later today. Then, I will quickly prime samples of each figure so that I can start painting the samples tomorrow. I will post pictures on this blog as fast as I can paint them.

The Mohawk Indians are at Griffin right now getting the production moulds made. I should have the castings available in time for this year's Seven Years War Association Convention in South Bend, Indiana, on April 2nd through 4th. I will be running three skirmish games using my new Kleine Krieg skirmish rules.


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