Friday, January 11, 2019

Operations Back to Normal

I mailed all of the domestic orders today (Friday) and will post the international orders tomorrow as I get all caught up from the holiday break and the inventory counting.

One good aspect of the annual inventory exercise is that it compels me to start bagging all of the loose figures into their proper retail packaging. So,for example, a loose bag of 300 Austrian Musketeers ends up being 37 packs of 8 figures. The same is true of the various cavalry types in the range, although this eats into my stock of horses rather quickly. This prompted a rather large order with Griffin Moulds for a grand herd of horses.

The Minden figure range is largely counted now so the AWI Fife & Drum figures will get counted over the next several days. 

I'm looking forward to finishing this chore ( and you thought that being in the glamorous historical miniatures business was fun and exciting all of the time, right?) and getting back to hobby related activities such as painting and working on a couple of terrain projects. What makes up for the work part is the relationships that they I've established with customers in every part of the world.

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  1. Business 101 -- It's about building relationships.

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