Thursday, January 31, 2019

AWI Highlander Greens Have Arrived!

Highlanders skirmishing


The other day Richard Ansell sent me pictures of the next batch of 16 AWI figures for the Fife & Drum Miniatures figure range.  I have to say, "sweet baby onions, these are nice!" 

So we will soon be adding 11 Highlanders on foot and 1 mounted officer to the British team in the Fife & Drum AWI figure range. The greens will be sent off to Griffin Moulds next week so that the master and production moulds can be made. After that, the casting of the figures can begin.

We plan to add more flank company and grenadier figures plus a piper to the Highlander segment of our AWI range.

Highlander Figures

Center company Highlanders.

Reverse side of the Center Company Highlanders

Command Figures (L to R): NCO, Standard Bearer, Drummer and Officer.

Reverse view of the Command Figures.

Mounted Highland Regiment Officer.

Reverse side of the Highland Mounted Officer.

But wait, there's more!!!!!!!

We are adding four personality figures to the AWI range: George Washington and Nathaniel Greene on the American Team and Lord William Howe and Lord Cornwallis to the King's Side.

A reminder, Fife & Drum already has personality figures for Francis Marion (the Swamp Fox), Banastre Tarleton (Boo, Hiss!) and Lt. General von Knyphausen.

Personality Figures

Lord William Howe
Lord Cornwallis

Reverse side Lord Cornwallis

George Washington

Reverse side George Washington

Nathaniel Greene

Reverse side of Nathaniel Greene



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    1. Thank you Jonathan; I think that my favorite pose is the fellow carrying his musket at the trail.

  2. I am always excited by the prospect of new personality figures! Can one really ever have too many mounted officers? Nah.

    Best Regards,


    1. AWI figures can be used for a variety of imaginations and real historical countries. Especially the personality figures.

  3. I think I shall avail myself of some of those in due course sir!
    Perfect timing for Rebels and Patriots!