Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Inventory (stock) Taking Time

The Fife & Drum "staff" has returned from its holiday break, but before operations get back to "normal", we have to put a hold on everything in order to take our annual inventory of the stock for the taxman. This means that there will be a delay in shipping orders until the inventory count is substantially completed.

I expect to resume shipping orders by the end of this week and I apologize to those who have placed orders and are awaiting their figures.

I am substantially through the counting of most of the Minden figures (and I'm wondering why did I order so many Prussian and Austrian Dragoons? - I might have to have a stock reduction sale on a few items) and I can start shipments of Minden orders this coming Saturday January 12, 2019.

None of the Fife & Drum AWI stock has been counted as of today, so these orders probably won't be shipped until next week.

New Products Going Into Production
Griffin Moulds has completed the master and production moulds for the new:

Austrian Horse Grenadiers (4)
French heavy Cavalrie in Bearskins (4)
French foot Grenadiers in Bearskins (4)
French Kettle Drummer (1)
Marshal de Broglie (1)
Lt. General Chevert (1)
Prussian mounted jager/courier (1)

The production castings are being made now so presumably the castings will be shipped and arriving sometime next week. I will add the new product code numbers to the webstore over the weekend so that you can start buying the new figures at your convenience.

New Products in the Pipeline
Richard is working on some AWI Highlanders in overalls in his next batch of figures and I'm looking forward to seeing the greens within a couple of months. He is also working on personality figures: Washington, Greene, Howe and Cornwallis. I'm estimating that these might be available in June/July of this year.

After that, we go back to making more SYW figures including French Gendarmerie de France cavalry, Austrian Carabiniers and Prussian Bosniaken lancers. I would estimate a September-October time table for these new figures.

Battle of Kunersdorf - Game in Progress
Over the Christmas holiday I set up the game table for the Battle of Kunersdorf and started playing it as a solo game. I had gotten as far as the Prussian attack of the Muhlberg before putting the game on hold and turning my attention to my escape to Maui over the holiday break. After the inventory is done I will get back to the game and then bore you all to death with an excrutiatingly long after action report - sorry about that, but I like to write about games and scenarios. LOL!

Closing Remarks

Well, it's back to the tedious and mind numbing job of inventory counting. I want to get this finished so that I can get back to shipping orders, blogging and playing in a few wargames.


  1. I look forward to a return to your Kunersdorf game. Kunersdorf is a 2019 anniversary battle I plan to attack in August.

    1. I'm having trouble fitting it onto a 6x12 table and had to omit Finck's command and the related a Russian forces.