Friday, January 18, 2019

New Minden Figures Are Now Available

French Infantry Grenadiers

French Personality Figures

Griffin Moulds has shipped my casting order for all of the new products that went into production and the shipment is expected to arrive early next week (the week starting Monday January 21, 2019).

The new products include French Cavalrie in Bearskins, Austrian Horse Grenadiers, French infantry grenadiers in bearskins, a French kettle drummer, a Prussian mounted postman, and two personality figures (French generals Broglie and Chevert).

Austrian Horse Grenadier Command

French Cavalrie in Bearskin Hats

I have already added the new products to the web store as of today so that you can start ordering the new figures now with the expectation that they will probably get shipped by the end of next week.

Fife & Drum/Minden Web Store

The new product codes are as follows:

French Army

MF-017  French Grenadiers in Bearskins (3 figures)
MF-018  French Grenadiers  (8 figures)

MFC-012  French Cavalrie in Bearskins, Command (3)
MFC-013  French Cavalrie, Bearskins, Troopers (3)
MFC-014  French Kettle Drummer (1)

PER-015  French Marshal de Broglie
PER-016  French Lt. General Chevert

Austrian Army

MAC-007  Austrian Horse Grenadier Command (3)
MAC-008  Austrian Horse Grenadier Reiters (3)

Prussian Army

MPC-010  Mounted Jager Messenger with horse (1)

Note that all cavalry and mounted officers include the horse

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  1. Well, d**n. Looks like I'll 'need' some of those French personality figures at some point. You sure do make it difficult to lay off new figure purchases!

    Best Regards,


  2. These look great, Jim. Could I please ask what figures are in the French & Austrian mounted command packs - is it officer, flag & musician? I cannot see pics of standard bearers above but I recall these did appear in the post on the forum. Cheers, Rohan.

  3. Each cavalry command pack has an officer, standard bearer and a musician. I will Pix of the actual castings when they arrive.

  4. Many thanks, Jim. I will look forward to these. looks like the Easter Bunny will come early! :-D Cheers, Rohan.

  5. UPDATE: the castings arrived today. Huzzah!