Sunday, November 4, 2018

Prussian Raid Into Poland 1759 - Updated Information

Map showing the rout of the Prussian incursion into Poland in February 1759.


I have found some additional information about the raid that the Prussian general Wobersnow conducted into Poland in February 1759. A tip of the  tricorn goes to reader Dave Franklin for pointing out a more detailed account of the raid on the Kronoskaf website.

I have been able to fill in more details about the path taken by the Prussian forces on the return trip to Silesia, from Posen in Poland. See the blue dash lines to follow the route.

Kronoskaf details the raiding force of Prussian Major General von Wobersnow as a force of 8,000 horse and foot plus 12 artillery pieces:

Grenadieri battalion Kleist (37/40)
Grenadier battalion Carlowitz (47/G-VII)
Markgraf Karl (1 btn)
Bornstedt (1 btn)
Frei-infantrie de Salenmon (1 btn)

Szekely Hussars (250 men)
Puttkamer Hussars (250 men)
Norman Dragoons (5 sqds)
Alt Platen Dragoons (5 sqds)
Bredow Cuirassiers (5 sqds)

Artillery - 12 guns

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  1. Yes, this is just the right size for a mini-map campaign. It is rather like "The Raid"scenario in the original "The War Game" by Charles Grant. Cheers, Rohan