Monday, November 5, 2018

Austrian Battalion Organization (32/40/48 figures)

Austrian regiment Lacy with two 32-figure battalions


I completed the second 32-figure battalion of the Austrian Regiment Lacy the other day. The regiment has two battalions of 32 figures all in the firing line pose. The extended muskets necessitated the use of a deeper base of 80mm with a frontage of 60mm. Usually I use a 40mm deep by 60mm wide base for my figures.

The extra depth on the stand protects the leveled muskets, but it also has the bonus of providing more area on the base to add grass, shrubs or battlefield debris to tart up the stand of figures a little bit.

Here are both battalions of Regiment Lacy deployed side by side in a single line.

Just for the fun of it, I pushed some of the stands together to see what the Austrian battalion would look like with either 32-figures on four stands, 40-figures on five stands, and 48-figures on six stands. I must say that I am rather taken with the 40 figure battalion on a symetrical looking five stands. I could use this organization also for the marching pose figures. In this instance, I could use the same 80mm depth and have room for two lines of marching figures and then a third line of file closers such as the NCOs and drummers. That would look very nifty, in my opinion.

What do you think? Please leave a comment in the comment box so that I can guage the opinion on a different organization.

Here is what the battalion would look like with 40 figures.

Here is what the battalion would look like with 48 figures.

Below is a picture of one of the display shelves at the entrance to my wargame room. Among the items shown are the HMS Beagle model, a 1930s radio with bakelite case and several paintings by Chris Gregg (pen and ink on the lower shelf and oil paint on the picture on the wall).

One of the display shelves in my wargame room

I am really giving consideration to building two new Austrian and Prussian armies in the 40-figure organization on the deeper bases. I know that it is crazy to have three different basing formats for my SYW armies, but then I'm retired and have a lot of time to paint figures if I so wish.

My basic armies of Austrians and Prussians are 30 figures on five 40mm x 60mm stands.

My Russian and Pommerian Corps Prussians have 32 figures on four stands.

I could end up building new Austrian and Prussian battalions in the 40-figure organization on five stands.

I can keep my same cavalry figures (2 horse per 2x2 inch squares and 24 figure regiments), but perhaps would have to add another dozen figures to the regiments to keep them proportional to the larger infantry battalions.

Good Gawd, what fun!


  1. You are a busy bee, Jim. I think the 40 figure organisation has the right visual balance of width vs depth to give the look of linear warfare in this period, yet remaining practical for 2 battalion units. I assume it wold work for BAR as well as your own rules - another consideration. Cheers, Rohan.

  2. Superb looking units, great painting and besing...

  3. Jim,

    I like the look of the symmetrical organisations but as Rohan says, are there implications for the rules and the table space available?


    1. I decided that 48 figures is out because this is too similar to my other 69-figure BAR RULES armies.

  4. Stu: that's why I now use white glue to affix my figures to wood bases, rather than using super glue. 😄

  5. I should add that my existing 30-figures on five stands are permanently based because I used super glue to wood and I can't pry the figures off to rebase. So I've had to start new infantry battalions to try out the 32/40 figure configurations, with white glue.

  6. I like the bigger units. I go with 48 musketeers plus officers, NCO's, etc. Yes, its straight out of Charge. Your figures look so good en masse.