Friday, November 30, 2018

Leuthen Game Terrain Is Set Up

The village of Leuthen

This afternoon General Pettygree and I set up the terrain for our Leuthen game tomorrow. I had brought some of the troops and terrain to his house on wednesday, but half way there I realized that I had not packed the winter game mats into my vehicle. DOH!!!!

That's OK, I guess, because my SUV didn't have enough room to carry both my Austrian and Prussian armies plus all of the winter terrain; so I would have had to make a second trip regardleess.

I took some pictures of the terrain in its pre-battle state and I don't mind saying that I think the Winter terrain in my collection looks pretty good.

Leuthen village view from the west.

Leuthen church as seen from the east.

A view of the inside of the town, with Austrians starting to deploy inside some of the buildings.

The famous west gate through which the third battalion
of the Prussian Guard gained entry into the churchyard.

The Rot Wurzburg regiment is deployed inside the walls of the churchyard.

The Prussian Guards Brigade form up in front of Leuthen church.
 As Phil Olley would say, "every wargame table needs to have a windmill". I quite agree with that statement, so here is a picture of my Winter windmill at Leuthen.

Windmill Hill - Charles of Lorraine and Leopold Daun are wondering
what the heck happened and where did all of the Prussians come from.

The game kicks off at 9:30AM tomorrow morning on Saturday December 1, 2018. I will probably post game action pictures on Sunday. I hope that you enjoyed the preview of our game.


  1. Have a wonderful game, the set up looks fantastic.

  2. A wonderful looking game and I'm most taken by the walled church, which looks stunning. Have a great game.

  3. The winter terrain looks very, very nice and definitely adds uniqueness to the proceedings. I hope everyone enjoys the game! Can't wait for the game report.

  4. Agreed. Looking forward to a possible after action report.

    Best Regards,


  5. Looks great! Making me a little chilly ;-)