Friday, November 30, 2018

Battle of Leuthen Game Tomorrow

Battle of Leuthen diorama - Prussian Guards attack the Leuthen churchyard
which is defended by the Rot Wurzburg regiment.

I am travelling north to General Pettygree's game emporium to play our annual Christmas and Birthday Wargame. We do this every December as a Christmas party plus several of our group (me) have December birthdays.

Itzenplitz regiment (IR13) will be travelling to Brown Deer, Wisconsin today.
I am dropping off my Leuthen winter terrain at the General's house today so that we can set up the terrain and position the troops prior to the start of the battle at 9:30AM on Saturday December 1, 2018.

The pictures posted on this thread are from my solo Leuthen game staged last December 2017. New pix of the terrain setup will be posted this evening and of course game pix will be posted over the weekend.

The Austrian army will be waiting for them.

The Rot Wurzburg regiment defends the Leuthen churchyard.



  1. Looks like a fantastic scenario. I look forward to your report. Have fun and happy birthday!

  2. Jim, I hope the game goes well and that you all have a great time. We’re refighting Leuthen next Wednesday 5 December.

  3. Looks fantastic and atmospheric...enjoy!

  4. I hope you all have a great weekend together and look forward to the AAR:)

  5. Have a great time, Jim, and take plenty of pics. Best wishes to all those with birthdays. Cheers, Rohan.