Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy Fourth of July - US Independence Day

The American Legion war veterans always lead off the parade with the carrying of the national colors.

The Fourth of July holiday is when Americans ostensibly celebrate and honor the founding of our country on July 4, 1776 with the Declaration of Independence. What the holiday really is is pure American schtick, fun with family and friends, and above all, remembering that for one day we are all Americans rather than Red State or Blue State partisans.

Der Alte Fritz and Princess Lelia at the parade today.
My daughter Lelia and I will now give you a quick look at the types of things going on in the annual July Fourth parade.

Here in Hesse Seewald (or Lake Forest for today), we begin the day by attending the Lake Bluff annual Fourth of July parade. This is a fun event full of community groups, individuals, real estate companies advertising their services, and a few politicians walking the parade route to shake hands with future voters. It's kitschy, it's silly, and it's a lot of fun - pure Americana.

Civil War re-enactors in the parade

The Blues Brothers joined in on the festivities

The group of about 20 Pugs are always a parade favorite.

Part of the marching Pugs group?

Planters Peanuts Mobile

The parade winds its way through the city of Lake Bluff and attracts quite a large crowd wearing their red, white and blues.

The Midlothian Pipe and Drum band. Always one of my favorites.

Chick Filet's Cow, saying "Eat more Chicken"

Star Wars Re-enactors too?

There were lots of individual marching bands in the parade.

As well as some sitting bands playing some Ragtime tunes atop of fire engine.

One of the dance teams in the parade.

Mr. Peanut was throwing bags of, what else, peanuts to the crowd.

The Wells Fargo stage coach was a new entrant to the parade.
The wargamer in me took this picture so that I could examine the harnesses and traces more closely to copy on my own wagons and artillery limbers.

This guy was part of the old High Wheeler bycycle group - he was a "mid wheeler" perhaps. Love the pith helmet.

A flag drill team that was part of one of the marching bands.

Part of the same band, as in the picture above.

---and here comes the marching band.

After the parade, we head home and get ready for our relatives to visit and enjoy a cookout on the barbeque grill (hamburgers and hot dogs). This is the time we share with our family.

Later in the evening, we will end the day with a viewing of the fireworks in our town.


  1. Looks like you had a great day!

  2. Thanks for the insight , great weather as well - pouring down here in N. U.K. , Tony

  3. KA-BOOM!!!! Looks like loads of fun, Jim. Steaks, Salmon fillets, and large shrimp on the barbie here along with sugary Lipton's iced tea, lemonade, and sparklers for the Young Master at dusk. Happy 4th!

    Best Regards,


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