Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Sudan Game Countdown - 5 Days to Go

The game room and table get ready for this weekend's action. (CLICK TO ENLARGE ALL PIX)
 I have been busy tweaking the game table and terrain these past few days and pretty much have things set up and ready to go for Saturday July 23rd game.

The light khaki Steadfast brand of toy soldiers have gone back to their barracks and their place in the camp has been taken by various Trophy of Wales miniature: Lincolnshire Regt (khaki), the Camel Corps ( grey-blue) , the Berkshire Regt. (Grey serge ), the Sussex Regt. (Red coats) and the 1st Madras Sihks. There are approximately 100 infantry soldiers plus supporting artillery crew and machine gun crew and a few vignettes to dress up the table. That lot forms the 1st Brigade commanded by Colonel Archibald Sinclair, of the 72nd Seaforth Highlanders. Bill P. will be bringing his collection of New Britains and John Jenkins Designs Marines, RN Sailors, and Gordon & Black Watch Highlanders.

The Dervish seem to be growing in strength on a daily basis. Our young scout, Lt. Harry Faversham, has been behind the lines and in the Dervish camp and he informs us that there are close to 450 foot and mounted figures in the Khalifa's army. Rumor has it that Osman Digna has travelled in from the Suakin region of Sudan, bringing a large banner of fierce Beja and Haddendoa tribesmen to reinforce the Khalifa's army and to destroy the invaders and nonbelievers.

I plan on posting more pictures and updates every day this week, so come back and visit the blog again ( and be sure to post some comments, we really enjoy reading your comments). In the meantime, enjoy today's pictures, including some newly arrived dismounted Camel Corps, and be sure to click or double click each picture to enlarge the view.

I have to say that these large 54mm toy soldiers are quite photogenic and make it easy for me to take and post good pictures. I would also encourage a visit to Major General Pettygree's blog for more background on this epic game that we are about to have.

View of the new camp, with new troops deployed.
View from the front of the camp showing the artillery position, general and staff, and other troops.
The right flank of the camp. Note the second line of reserves that are ready to plug any break throughs.

Newly arrived Steadfast (?) dismounted Camel Corps.



  1. Simply an all inspiring collection and set up!

  2. Agreed. I find myself almost as excited as if were going to be there in person. Dare I ask? Might a figure representing the young Michael Caine on horseback in Zulu make an appearance? Kidding aside, this will be an affair to remember. Have you considered writing up an article for the hobby press post-game?

    Best Regards,


    1. Yes there is definitely an article in the works


    2. *distant hooting and sound of high fives*

  3. Tremendous fun shaping up before our very eyes.
    Have fun Sir.

  4. That looks so good, Jim! Quite the spectacle.

  5. This is quite a sight and one rarely seen. As many turn to smaller scales it's good to see the space for this project. I recently set up to photograph a scene of Queen Victoria presenting the colours to the Scots Guards with Britains figures. I had a problem with stability with some of them. Are any of your figures prone to falling over and if so have you decided on a cure?


    1. Most of the infantry are on thicker bases than the old Britains figures, so they don't tip over. The Britains Arabs of the Desert figures (I have 94 of them) seem to stand up reasonably well. I am most concerned about the cavalry figures but my Britains Indian lancer figures stand up fairly well. I keep my table surface flat, no contours, and use "fine" Woodlands Scenics ballast for the desert sand look. Actual sand is too grainy for the figures.

  6. Awesome setup - lovely toy soldiers

  7. Thanks, Jim, for the response. I trust the game will live up to your expectations.