Friday, July 22, 2016

Lancers, Lots of Them Captain

Vintage Britain's Regiments of All Nations: converged unit of Indian Lancers,  Egyptian Lancers and British Lancers.

One more day to go until we launch the grand toy soldiers in the Sudan game. The final rosters for the game look something like this:

Dervish infantry - 396 figures
Dervish camels - 28
Dervish horse.  - 70

Dervish Total.    - 474 figures

British & Allies   - 200 foot formed in two brigades of 100
Lancers.            -48 formed into four squadrons of 12 horse

And possibly a surprise appearance or two for the British.

The British have established a substantial base at Dongola and now that they have had a build up of forces, Major General Pettygree, commander of the River Column, has decided that it is time to implement the next phase of the campaign and seize the water wells at the Oasis of El-Dubie.

The Mahdi has dispatched his most trusted commander, the Khalifa, the organize an attack on the British base at Dongola and drive the unbelievers into the murky Nile River.

We will have 8 players in the game: 6 Dervish He-Devils and 2 British players ( Bill P. & Me).

There should be gobs of pictures taken during the game so be sure to check in on the blog and see what is happening .


  1. Enjoy the day,we look forward to the pictures.

  2. Good luck to all but I confess my heart is with the brave Arabs of the desert.