Friday, December 4, 2015

More On the Russian Project

Here is a sample Russian infantry regiment that I painted last year using the French Fusiliers with turnbacks figures from the Minden Miniatures figure range. For now, they are "close enough" until I can add more Russians to the range. Russian officers and NCOs carried muskets rather than pole arms so they might require some conversion work in the future.

The flag is a Napoleonic Russian flag that I had on hand, used because this particular regiment was/is to be used in an Imaginations Campaign. I will eventually swap in a SYW era pair of colors for the unit. The flags will be from GMB Designs, as usual for me.

I shall also take a closer look at the Crann Tara Savoy infantry as potential Russian stand ins as these figures have no lapels but have turnbacks and a cartridge box worn on the belly.

Thank you to those of you who left comments on yesterday's post. There are a lot of good ideas and information therein which I find most useful.


  1. The clicked photo does not enlarge...

  2. I know. Blogger ap for the iPad doesn't allow pix to enlarge. I posted this on the train this morning. I will upload the pix on my desktop computer tonight so that the enlarge function works. I actually posted this same picture a few months ago on my blog

  3. Indeed, you did. I just realized you don't have a search box...

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  5. Found it...