Sunday, December 27, 2015

Kremzow Grenadier Battalion (17/22) -Painted Mindens

Kremzow Grenadier Battalion with Minden Miniatures

I completed the Prussian grenadier battalion Kremzow (17/22) over the Christmas Holiday. The battalion was comprised of two companies of grenadiers from the Manteufel Regiment (IR17) and two companies from the Prinz Moritz Regiment (IR22). Hence the battalion's designation of "17/22" indicates the two regiments that contributed their grenadier companies to the battalion. Grenadier battalions in the Prussian army were actually known by the name of their colonel, in this case, Herr Kremzow.

Kremzow Grenadier Battalion (17/22)
Christopher Duffy says of the battalion:

"Warnery says of these grenadiers at Prague that they were the only ones who did not open fire, but pressed home the attack with the bayonet point! After all, they were Pomeranians ... who are beyond doubt the best infantry in the world." Mauled and captured at Landeshut.

Kremzow (17/22) Grenadier Battalion

Duffy's commentary on the parent Manteufel Regiment (IR17):

A classic Pomeranian regiment, distinguished at Soor, Prague and at Neustadt (15 March 1760). Frederick wrote to Major-General Karl Christoph von der Goltz on the latter occasion, "I wish to convey a compliment to the officers of Manteufel in my name. They have acted in our old, honourable way, and not according to the infamous modern example of other folk."

His commentary on the parent Prinz Moritz Regiment (IR22):

On 5 January 1741 the regiment entered Breslau in blue and red uniforms with straw colored waistcoats ... a splendid collection of men, with shining weapons that were a delight to see. Massacred at Kolin and suffered heavily at Zorndorf, but did well at Torgau and Burkersdorf.

Note that the grenadiers did not always fight in the same battles as their parent regiments and could even be in different Prussian armies. So while both IR17 and IR22 were at Kolin, the Kremzow Grenadier Battalion had remained with the main army at Prague. The battalion also fought at Rossbach, Leuthen (where it helped spear head the assault as part of the advant guard on the right wing), Zorndorf, Kunersdorf, among others.


  1. Agreed, and the addition of the pioneer figures in aprons is an especially nice touch. Darn. I'll eventually 'need' some of those too.

    Happy Christmas Sunday,


  2. Looking good and with proper Russian fixed bayonets too.

  3. Egad, these are fine looking figures! The white lapels are a very nice contrast to the red; they look to be turned out for a parade!

    BTW, I like how your ersatz Russians turned out. You might have a permanent solution and not simply a "make do" compromise... Jim

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    "I wish to convey a compliment to the officers of Manteufel in my name. They have acted in our old, honourable way.