Friday, October 3, 2014

Russian Artillery KS Needs A Push To The Finish Line

Russian "Secret Howitzer" also known as the Shuvalov Howitzer, on display at the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Isn't it wonderful that some of these original pieces still exist?
Making the final push to our stretch goal:  SYW Russian artillery crew prolonging light 3-pounders by hand. The photo is  taken by  John Ray and shows  a small portion of his magnificent collection of SYW Russians. To see more, join the A Military Gentleman forum.

As of today, we are $375 short of hitting the $7,000 stretch goal that will unlock the Russian artillery equipment in our Kickstarter funding campaign. We have 39 backers who have pledged a total of $6,625 so far. If you can help us out, then please click on the link below to visit our Kickstarter page and become a backer of the project:

Minden Kickstarter for Artillery

There are several ways to reach our goal of the Russian artillery:

1) we have an Investment Angel who will pledge the entire $375 needed

2) current backers increase their pledge amounts, in aggregate, to $375

3) some potential backers are still sitting on the fence waiting to make their pledge

Let me address #2 - increasing your pledge amount. Remember, you may swap any portion of your pledge (on a dollar for dollar basis) for the same retail value of any Minden or Fife & Drum miniatures. And because the postage is already included in your original pledge, you can effective order figures that you were probably going to order anyway, at some future date, and get the built in discount of free shipping on your incremental pledge increase.

In the event that we do reach the $7,000 stretch goal, thereby unlocking the Russian artillery, all backers may substitute Russian cannon for the Austrian cannon listed in your pledge reward level.

There are just 9 more days to go in the campaign. I am confidant that we will reach our goal, but forgive me if I try to give some people a little nudge.

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