Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Artillery Campaign Is A Success!

The SYW artillery Kickstarter was a great success with the final pledge tally at $9,354. As a result, the following equipment and figures have been funded for sculpting and production:

Austrian Artillery & Equipment

3- pounder
7-pound howitzer 
"y-frame " limber
2-wheel munitions wagon 
4-wheel munitions wagon

Status: cannons and limber at the caster; and wagons are completed and will be sent to the caster this month.

Russian Artillery Equipment

12-pound Unicorn
12-pound Secret Howitzer

Russian artillery crew (4 loading and 4 firing poses)

Status: work has commenced on the cannon models

Prussian 12-pound Brummer
Status: not started yet.


General Fermor (Russia)
Marshal von Browne (Austria)
Prinz Moritz of Anhalt Dessau (Prussia)
One personality to be determined

Status: not started yet.


  1. Great news about all of the models being funded. I'm looking forward to seeing them all, especially the Russian guns.

    As for the last personality, is that a specific reward for a funder or is it just one that your trying to decide upon? If the latter, General Granby would be a great addition for battles on the western front!


  2. One of the higher pledge levels gets to choose a personality figure and I'm waiting to hear from him regarding his choice.

  3. Congrat's to you and F+D, Jim. Well done! I'm delighted to have had a very modest role as a backer.


  4. Excellent news, Jim. As to the fourth personality figure, I would support Granby (uniform of RHG with breastplate under coat) or one of the French Marshals - naturally i would favour Charles de ROHAN, Prince de Soubise ;-) !
    Cheers, Rohan.

  5. Yes, lots of great new items to look forward to. Great news.

    Best Regards,


  6. Rohan: I kind of think that the existing French Marshal in the range looks a little bit like Soubise ( especially the version holding his hat), so probably Broglie and Chevert would be my first choices when we get around to adding more personalities to the range.

    We will add Granby', the Erbprinz and a mounted version of Prince Ferdinand of Brunswick in the future.


  7. Hello!

    Gratulation to the success, i am glad i could help a little bit.

    Also i am very nosy about the three 'personalities'. General Fermor was clear you mentioned him before, but the two others! Great news.
    And now even future plans of new Generals and Marshals.

    Best regards

  8. Just kidding, Jim, I'm already working on him! ;-) . Very good news about the others as future projects - the Erbprinz & Brunswick will be much appreciated, as of course, will be Granby. Cheers, Rohan.

  9. Congratulations sir,

    As for the last personality, Marschall Leopold von Anhalt-Dessau, Alte Dassauer would be a great addition
    Best Regards