Saturday, October 4, 2014

Russian Artillery Equipment Is Funded!

Conceptual view of what the Minden Russian artillery crew might look like (these are Prussian artillery crew and Pioneer figures painted in Russian red and black uniforms)
Kickstarter Update:

Total Pledges: $7,085
Total Backers: 42 people
Days left in the campaign: 8 days
Next Stretch Goal:  $8,500 (unlocks Russian artillery crew - 8 poses (4 loading & 4 firing)

Amount Required: $1,415

We did it! The funding for the Kickstarter campaign surged over the $7,000 threshold so this officially "unlocks" the Russian artillery equipment. This will include the 6 and 12 pounders, the 12 pound Unicorn and the Secret Howitzer designed by Pytr Shuvalov. We also plan on adding a 4-wheel and 2 wheel ammo wagon for the Russian artillery contingent.

I am very thankful for everyone's help and backing and you have made it possible to kickstart the SYW Russian army in the Minden range. So what is next?

I am going to revised the next stretch goal, currently at $11,000 covering the field artillery crew and the Observation Corps artillery crew, into two tranches. The first tranche will be set at $8,500 (down from $11,000) and will fund the Russian regular artillery crew in both firing and loading poses. The Fermor personality figure will be given as a freebie to all backers at the $100.00 pledge level or higher.

The Observation Corps artillery crew will be unlocked at the $11,000 stretch goal. There will be a set of loading and a set of firing poses.

I think that these changes will make the Russian artillery crew an attainable goal with just 8 days left in the campaign.

If you are interested in joining our Kickstarter Russian Campaign, then please click on the link above and make a pledge. There are seven pledge levels at $100 or less.

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  1. Salut!

    Russian Crew is funded! Now those cannons can be used, gratulation for reaching that stretch goal.

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