Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Let's Get Frederick the Great Really Ticked Off!

Prussian (Left) and Austrian (Right) artillery train drivers on the new LH-003 Limber Horse

Pledges are $6,214 USD as of today so that means that the Austrian artillery is funded as is the 12-pounder Prussian Brummer. (Fritz likes Brummers).

Fritz is also happy that the Russians, so far, are not going to fight their next battle with artillery because the KS campaign still needs $786 USD dollars within the next 11 days in order to hit the stretch goal of $7,000 USD, which will unlock all of the Russian artillery.

So if you like the Austrians and Russians and cannot stand the Brandenburg Usurper, then help make Fritz unhappy by clicking on the link below and making a pledge. Pledges start as low as $15 USD and there are seven pledge levels of $100 USD or less:

Also, our spies report that the Austrian artillery greens are already at Griffin Moulds getting outfitted for production moulds. So when this Kickstarter closes, the cannon will quickly be on their way to backers. We understand that Fritz is very upset over this rearmament of Marie Therese's army. He he he. 

Finally, here are some of the new Austrian and Prussian artillery train drivers and the new limber horses, which are now in stock in the US and through our UK distributor : Crann Tara Miniatures.

All of our previous civilian limber drivers and limber horses have been removed from stock (they were made by a different sculptor) and replaced with new limber horses and drivers sculpted by Richard Ansell. This provides a more uniform appearance to the range in that every man and beast in the range is now sculpted by Richard.

Tomorrow night I hope to have painted samples of the two new civilian limber drivers. One wears a brimmed hat and is wearing a sleeveless waistcoat. The other driver is wearing a tricorn hat and a full jacket.

The new LH-001 (left) and LH-002 limber horses are shown with the Prussian artillery train driver and  AE-019 munitions wagon.


  1. Good to see these, Jim.

    I'm sure you have covered it in an old post, but how do you paint your horses, please? I gives a pleasing & apparently quick result.

    Cheers, Rohan.

  2. Black primer or undercoat, then a layer of Burnt Umber (really dark brown) and then I dry brush with a Reaper color called Ruddy Leather, a kind of orangish brown color. I sometimes add a highlight of orange which I dry brush on the rear haunches.

  3. Salut!

    Ah, i think reaching the goal of Russian Artillerie (cannons) is possible.