Sunday, January 26, 2014

Von Glasenap Regiment of Hesse Seewald

Von Glasenap Musketeer Regiment & Prinz Friedrich of Hesse Seewald (click pix to enlarge)
I was able to finish a company of the first infantry regiment of the Hesse Seewald Army: the IR1 von Glasenap regiment, which is the senior regiment in the army. One stand of six musketeers will equal one company and there will be five musketeer companies and one grenadier company in each regiment. For now, I plan to have one battalion regiments in the Hesse Seewald army, and with four or five regiments, I can hive off the grenadier stand to form a converged grenadier battalion in addition to the five musketeer or fusilier regiments. If the project really develops, I could always go to two-battalion regiments, in which case, two grenadier companies from two different regiment will converge to form a four company grenadier battalion of 24 figures.

Prinz Friedrich of Hesse Seewald is the Hanoverian Colonel figure from the Minden range, painted in Hesse Seewald uniform of the von Glasenap regiment. He wears the orange sash indicating his Order of the Lion honour.

Below, I have provided the rear view of Prinz Friedrich and of the two grenadier samples that I painted. This provides a nice view of the grenadier bag.

Rear view of the von Glasenap grenadiers, and Prinz Friedrich.

So I have a nice start on my Hesse Seewald army, using Minden Prussian figures.  The Garde zu Fuss regiment is nearly completed and von Glasenap will see more additions from time to time as I paint a few figures at a time, in between other painting projects. I have to place a priority on Austrians and Prussians to use in my convention game at the SYWA Convention at the end of March, in South Bend, Indiana.

While I posted the two Garde pictures previously, here they are again so that you can see everything in one posting.

The Hesse Seewald Garde zu Fuss

Close up view of the grenadier company



  1. Outstanding brushwork! The green with red facing is striking.

  2. Very nice work indeed and really, really like that shade of green!


  3. I really like those green chaps! What paints did you use for the green?


  4. I used the Reaper Pro Paints collection: Elven Green is the base shade color and then I lightly dry brushed some Grass color for a highlight. I usually do not use more than two colors on figures. The Elven Green color is very handy and versatile as it works great for jagers and Russians, and of course, Hesse Seewald forces.

  5. Thanks for the info. I shall seek out some Reaper paints at the York show this coming Sunday.