Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More SYW Saxons

Here is a picture of some Minden Saxons that were painted by Richard Ansell. I found this picture in the archives of images that I saved from Frank Hammond's former Minden blog. You didn't know that Minden made SYW Saxons? They are actually the Prussian musketeers in Swedish cuffs that have been "converted by paint". 

As I look for some allies to field with my Austrians, I am more and more drawn to the idea of painting a brigade of Saxon infantry, to be kicked around by the Prussians on my tabletop. They could then do double duty as the army of the evil Duke of Sachsen Raschstein, the perennial foe of the Elector and Duke of Hesse Seewald.

Some Saxons could come in handy to fight such battles as Hohenfriedburg, Kesselsdorf, Hennersdorf ( all fought during the Second Silesian War/War of the Austrian Succession) as well as one Saxon cavalry for a relight of Kolin during the SYW. Saxon infantry regiments were later reconstituted in the service of France (Berge, Minden).

I have placed an order with Maverick Models in the UK for some Saxon infantry flags. Several of my readers have recommended this company as a good source for flags, so I thought that I would give Maverick a try.

More to come, no doubt.


  1. Hello, Jim.

    The Saxons have some nice looking troops, and their cavalry especially, put on a good showing in the SYW, though that doesn't matter as regards Imagi-nations.

    There are of course the various white coated infantry, as well as the mitre capped Grenadier regiment Kurprinzzessin, the green coated Fusilier regiment von Rochow. The artillery also in green coats and then the cavalry have various interesting uniforms.

    If you delve just prior to the 1756 capitulation at Pirna then there are several Cuirassier regiments available. Stuart has done several standards for these troops.

    The so called Saxon Light Horse (Chevau Leger) did excellent service with the Austrian/Imperial army, and were at least the equal of good dragoons and, it could be argued, reasonable Horse. I love the Casquet hat of the Chevau Leger von Brühl - Eureka miniatures in Australia do a very nice series of figures for this unit. They are a little larger than Minden, but as a unit, the difference is not all that remarkable - & at present the exchange rate is flowing in favour of the US dollar :-)

    Finally, the Saxons also had several Pulks of Uhlans to oppose the Bosniaken.

    So Happy Hunting here, Jim.

    Cheers for now, Rohan.

  2. Hi Jim,

    Slightly off topic I managed to see some of the David Morier paintings in Windsor Castle yesterday. There was about 10 of them in a private apartment where our meeting was being held. I afterwards ended up chatting to a person with the splendid title of 'Keeper of The Queen's pictures'. He had mentioned it was the 300 anniversary of the accession of the Hanoverians to the English throne this year so I sowed the seed of having a talk at the Windsor festival in September on the Hanoverian army using the Morier paintings as visual aides. Regretfully it may not be economically viable but at least he was interested!


  3. Jim,

    Your Sachsen Raschsteiners must be a neighbor of my "Saxon" statelet of Sachsen-Wachsenstein in the Saxon duchies area of central Germania. I have used Nick's SYW Saxons for my infantry and artillery and various older MiniFigs for my cavalry.


  4. I think that I must have close to a thousand of the Eureka Saxons that I have not yet painted. They are very nice figures. I was one of the main proponents of the Eureka 100 Club Saxon project.