Monday, January 6, 2014

AWI Vignette

Minden workers and Spirit of 76 vignettes. Click to enlarge.

As the song says, "Baby It's Cold Outside"! This morning's temperature was -15F so I had Mrs Fritz drive me to the train station so that I wouldn't have to leave my car outside all day and find the battery frozen when I would return from the city this evening. Most schools in the area are closed today, which seems very sensible to me, but our office is open and....

At any rate, I spent a part of the evening watching Downton Abbey with the Mrs, in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace, afterwhich, I retreated to the Man Cave to work on an AWI commission for a friend. No pictures yet, unfortunately, so instead, I posted a picture of a couple of vignettes along with a battery of Continental artillery. The fellows hauling the boxes are from the Minden range and seem to fit right in with a section of artillery. The Spirit of 76 vignette is from the Fife & Drum range, of course. I expect to be working on a 4-pd artillery section of Continentals this evening. 

Update: I have reposted the picture so that you can click and enlarge it for enhanced viewing.

Keep warm everyone !


  1. Speaking of painting, now that Minden is part of Fife & Drum you can paint a new avatar of Milady de Winter, walking and riding :=)

    Btw I suppose that the 'Lord & lady, riding' are cast together while the same walking are from a different mo(u)ld, so to avoid accumulating left-over you can't offer sets of the same character on foot and riding, as was the tradition for 'dungeon explorers' minis?

    Best wishes to yourself and yours.

  2. The pic is a bit small, but from what I can tell they do look very nice!