Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Saxon Leibgarde with Minden Miniatures

Saxon Leibgarde in undress uniform - Minden Miniatures
Last evening I was doing some color experiments with some of the Minden Prussian figures just for the fun of it. Inspired by the Saxon Leibgarde grenadier regiment in John Ray's "A Military Gentleman", I decided to paint the figure as a Saxon. Yes I know, the Leibgarde wore mitres, but since this is a tryout for an Imagination army uniform for Hesse Seewald, they can wear whatever I decide that they will wear. It is good to be King.

I rather like the color combination with the red coat and contrasting yellow small clothes and facings, finished off by white gaitors, silver buttons and white hat lace. If I could find the time, it would be fun to paint a 30-figure battalion of these figures.

And Abdul, do not even attempt to ask. You know what I'm talking about.

Rear view of the Prussian figure painted as a Saxon Leibgarde musketeer.

The picture below depicts some of the Hesse Seewald soldiers modeling the proposed new uniforms for the army. The red coated figure could be the Hertzog's Leibgarde while the other three uniforms would be those of line regiments.

Some uniform sample for the Hesse Seewald army - Minden Miniatures Prussians.



  1. Jim,
    I've painted this unit twice; once for the SYW and second for Napoleonics. Sources ages ago said mitre hat for the former and bearskin for the latter period.You chap is stunning.

  2. He is a smart looking figure, Der Alte. I'm admiring the ochre shading and yellow highlights as I write, very nicely done.


  3. "Good to be the king." I know and agree with the quote, but.... Hertzog, mein Herr, Hertzog!

    Oh, and I've chosen green for my Saxe-Freedonian troops, based on the Russian SYW army. Quite pleasing!

  4. So cool how the same model looks so different with a color change. Really nice start to your army!

  5. Salut!

    That red and yellow with few black and white looks really absolutely fine (sure nothing in comparision to the great prussian blue^^).
    Hah, and the tricorne is the small service uniform for your grenadiers, for saving the precious grenadier hats, very economical thoughts.

    Best regards