Monday, September 2, 2013

The Mess Is Addressed

Fritz's Man Cave is looking a little bit better today.

The state of Potsdam parade ground was really starting to annoy me, so last night I was faced with the choice of painting more figures or picking up the basement. I chose the latter and you can see a general improvement in the room in the accompanying pictures when compared to the pix post yesterday.

The next step is to tidy things up a bit beneath the table ( akin to the warehouse archives building in the first Indiana Jones movie) where what goes in is never to be found again. However, that is a job for another day. I still need to hook up the old Compaq PC in the back corner -- I still use this to print out name tags on my figure bases or print orders of battle. The laser printer is still much better than the inkjet printer on our main iMac computer and while the PC is probably 12 years old, the word processing function works just fine, so I keep the old beast for Wargame purposes.

My painting table is still a wreck, but I can't do much about that. An artist needs his work space, don't you know.

The painting table in its usual state of appearance.
I have been working on the 45th Regiment for my British Peninsula army and now have it up to 60 figures of the eventual 84 figure regiment. I use 12- figure companies but only field 7 of the 10 companies as I don't want to have a hundred figure regiment. I could do it, but I'd rather not.

I will post some pictures of the 45th later this evening.


  1. Good progress on the game room clean up. The state of your painting desk looks like mine...

  2. You know, I thought I felt the general painting equilibrium gradually settling and restoring itself here in the Midwest.

    Best Regards,


  3. The mess in a surgeon's table is unimaginable to most - yet the results are pure beauty - life itself.

    Fret not on the condition of your surgical table, examine only the results.

  4. That room is almost as big as our wargames club! Fancy doing a transatlantic swap?

  5. Nice large playing area. Just amazed how much space people have for their hobby. I am sadly in need of my own space for a good sized gaming table. =)