Thursday, September 26, 2013

Minden Miniatures Review on Youtube

Some Minden Austrian cavalry, painted by Leuthen Studios. Click to enlarge.

I stumbled across this 9 minute video on You Tube in which a gentleman does a little "show and tell" routine in which he talks about some Minden French infantry figures that he is using for his French and Indian War army for Muskets & Tomahawks.

Here is a link (sorry, but I can't figure out how to embed a You Tube video into Blogger - I know that there is an icon on Blogger for videos, but I am not able to upload the videos):

I rather enjoy his descriptions of the figures and his selection of some of his "favorites".  I like this man's enthusiasm for his project.

Click on the link, sit back and enjoy the video.

This kind of makes me want to do some videos and post them on my blog, if I can figure out the technology part of it.


  1. Just read on the Minden blog that you have taken over. Many congratulations. I suspected something was up the other day after your cryptic post on the WD3 site! No doubt you will explain all in due course but as I'm based in the UK, if there is any way you can have a UK distibutor or even better one who attends the main shows(especially in the South of England!)that would be great.


  2. Well done old chap. Good to see you getting a spot of publicity.