Monday, November 26, 2012

Pix From The Past

Lady Emma at age 3

Here is a picture of my daughter and I at her third birthday party. We had a "Groovy Girl" theme for the party and everyone attending wore 1970s era clothing such as bell bottom pants and tie-dyed shirts and, well, you get the point.

A family friend took this picture of Lady Emma and I and we had long since lost the e-photo so I couldn't replicate it in any fashion. Then about a week ago, I discovered that my Mother had a paper copy of the photo pinned to her bulletin board. So I was able to scan the photo and preserve it forever for posterity. It is my second favorite photo of my daughter and I. My favorite is when she was a baby and she has fallen asleep on my shoulder. I found it:
Dad and Lady Emma - age 4 months


  1. With two 3-year-old girls myself, I know these are the moments that matter. Great photos!

  2. Kind of puts war-gaming into perspective doesn't it. I have a similar photo of me with my baby son. He is now 17 and finishing his last exam of the year. Time flies, mate.

  3. Splendid. Both of my girls are now great lumbering teenagers and I would be squashed if they tried to lie on me now.

    One of the problems with digital photos is that it is not like the old photo albums which get looked at occassionally and provide great pleasure. I do worry that unless we are careful many of these great memory photos will be lost sometimes accidentially.