Sunday, November 25, 2012

Battle on the Coa Bridge - Part Deux

Captain Hew Grant's Royal Horse Artillery Battery at the Coa. Elite Miniatures cannon, limbers and crew - 6 gun battery. Click to enlarge.

On November 10th we staged another refight of the Battle of the Coa Bridge. Click on the link below to read what happened.

Campaigns in Iberia

One of the interesting things that happened is that the British side forgot to make any strategic plans for the battle. So I guess that you could say that we had some significant "fog of war" from the onset of the battle and it was all accomplished without having any complicated FoW rules or artificial command radii rules. This underscores my belief that the human element of wargaming provides for more Fog of War ("FoW") than any one rule could possibly provide.

Also, during the course of the game, we realized that our cavalry breakthrough rules (cavalry and infantry do not have a mechanical melee rule in the game, the cavalry simply tests to see whether or not it breaks through the infantry formation) did not include the situation wherein cavalry charges into the flank or rear of an infantry unit. Imagine that! It was simple enough to fix: we just gave the cavalry an uncontested break through of the enemy infantry formation.

The picture above depicts Captain Hew Grant's Royal Horse Artillery battery deployed and firing on the advancing French. Six gun models and all of that smoke make for a wonderful picture.

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