Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some Progress Is Made

Minden Austrians painted in 2009. Not the grenadiers, but close enough.

What does one do on a cold dreary winter day when the weather outside is frightful, and one's football team is decidedly not delightful? Why you retreat to the painting table in the basement, put a Mozart CD on the player, and break out some Minden SYW figures to paint.

I had hoped to settle in on my cosy sofa, next to the warm fire in the fireplace, and watch the Chicago Bears play the evil New England Patriots. Alas, it was not to be as the score was 33-0 in favor of the Bad Guys at halftime. Now Der Alte Fritz didn't get to be Alte without learning a thing or two, so he gave up on the football game and pitched into 12 Austrian grenadiers that he needed to complete a 24-figure battalion of converged grenadiers. I think that I might also prime another 6 or 12 grenadiers this evening so that I can increase the grenadier battalion to at least 30 figures, which would be on par with the size of my other battalions.

It occurred to me that I am running out of time if I wish to have my Minden Project Austrian and Prussian armies ready for their debut at this coming year's Seven Years War Association convention, circa March 28-30, 2011 in South Bend, Indiana. The Prussians are ready for battle with 9 battalions of infantry, four spendid Berlin Zinnfiguren 12-pounders and crew, and a regiment of dragoons and hussars.

The Austrians, so far, only have 3 battalions of Mindens (but I have 2 of my old RSM battalions available if I rebase them) and 4 BZ artillery pieces and crew. I will have to use my old RSM Austrian cavalry as stand ins until I can get some Minden Austrian cavalry painted, later in 2011. Assuming that I can paint 60 infantry figures per month, that would two battalions of 30 (or one regiment) that I have to finish in January and another two battalions to complete in February. YIKES! That is cutting the time line a little too close for comfort.

Hmm, I can see that there is still much work to be done and no doubt I will be distracted and diverted from the SYW project once the Fife & Drum AWI figures start coming out of the production moulds in January.


  1. Delightful figures, very well done.

  2. DAF
    I really love your site. An inspiration. Can you give a little guidance (tutorial?) on how you get such a fine finish on the white Austrian uniforms? I'm really struggling, at the moment, with my Mindens. So far it's a case of how to make beautiful castings REALLY ugly....

  3. Stew: in the example shown in today's blog entry, I black primed the figures to start. Then I use a wide brush and apply a coat of acrylic black paint over everything to fill in any specks and bits of unprimed figure.

    This means that the gaitors and hat are now done. Black also provides a good background for brown colors such as the fur pack and the gun stock

    Next, I use a light grey paint as an undercoat for the uniform (Ral Partha or IWM Light Grey).

    Then I highlight the coat and trouser with a basic white paint (Ral Partha, IWM white). I leave some of the grey showing thru where there is a fold in the uniform, such as in the shoulder or inside elbow or in the crotch area or adjacent to any white cross belts.

    I only use two tones of any color, not three.

    Brown bits now get some dry brushing of light brown or leather to make the fur really POP.

  4. DAF

    Thanks for your wise words. During the holidays I will approach the Austrian army again. Wish me luck....