Friday, December 3, 2010

More American Militia Greens

Militia man in tricorne hat and blanket roll on back, at the ready

Here are pictures of four more of the American Militia greens that Richard Ansell sent to me the other day. As before, there is a nice mix of tricorne and floppy hats and blanket roll styles (tumpline on the back or worn across the shoulder).

250,000 Visitors!
Probably some time on Saturday or Sunday, we will have passed the 250,000 visitor milestone on the Der Alte Fritz Journal. We were about 500 hits short of that number at 7PM this evening. Thank you to everyone for your support of my blog - your comments and enthusiasm for what I do keeps me going.

Militia man walking - I like the rakish upturn of the brim of the hat

Militia man standing firing

Militia man cocking his firelock


  1. Long time visitor to the blog, but had to post to say this line is shaping up to be a must have. Great work from Mr. Ansell!

  2. Jim, looking real good! I'm definitely a future customer...

    I live in Philadelphia, btw Germantown and Ft Washington. I drive thru all the 1777 battles all the time, so if you need any pics or info just contact me thru TMP where Im HesseCassel.

    You'd be surprised how little has changed on these battlefields and how steep and rough most of the terrain is! Easily as bad as Saratoga, despite being only 5-10 miles from old philadelphia city limits. I jog thru the wissahicken valley all the time (Brit left flank for G-town) and the drop in some spots is 100' from ground level
    Cheers, Alex

  3. Really sweet. Must have . . . .

  4. Der Alte,

    These look quite outstanding! It promises to be a first rate range!


  5. Yes, these will eventually be added to the Grand Duchy of Stollen collection as -- What's the German word? -- miliz? Stunning greens. Looking very forward to ordering some samples once they become available.

    Best Regards,


  6. Greetings All, If you are curious the whole AWI idea came from me living by the Battleroad (hence my company name) I and Der Fritz are avid AWI fans, and one day through chat we decided to do this range. Initially it was going to be just a private thing, but then we thought "hey why not publish it out to the masses". As such 6-7 months later here we are.

    The British should go on sale either later this month or early next month. We are hopping to have these out a short time after that. I have also recieved work that our Contenintal Line soldiers will be started sometime next month so even more to look forward too. Ini this first year of production you will see artillery, line infantry, and maybe if we are lucky some cavalry(no promises as their were only two active cavalry reg'ts for the british in the rev war). Our company is very lucky to have three amazing sculptors working with us on three different ranges and all of them are top notch well known. If you have any questions on these or future products you can email us at battleroadgames at yahoo dot com. or post here.

  7. Guys,

    Happy Leuthen Day!


  8. Fantastic DAF well done on all fronts!


  9. Oh I just noticed this. Early war militia (and probably militia through the war) probably shouldn't have banded muskets.