Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Minden Jagers Part II

Minden Prussian Jagers finished off with inked turf and static grass. Click pix to enlarge.

Last evening I completed the basing and terraining of my Minden Prussian Jagers and as you can see from the pictures, they turned out rather nicely. I am very pleased with the outcome. I have posted a few shots of the unit from various angles and wanted to get these posted before I head out to South Bend on thursday for this year's Seven Years War Association Convention. The convention runs from Friday morning through Saturday night, so if you happen to be in the area on one of those days, please feel free to drop in and see what it is all about. The convention site is the Downtown Ramada Inn, recognizeable from afar because it is in the tallest building in the downtown area. We are on the sixth floor in the Oak Room.

Side view of the whole battalion of 24 figures.

Prussian Jagers defend the stone wall - at Fredericksburg?

Two stands of jagers in open order.

The "Tree Group" of stands.

I will be running two Batailles de l'Ancien Regime ("BAR") games at the SYWA convention, one on Friday afternoon and another on Saturday afternoon. Both games will feature winter terrain on terrain mats made to order by The Terrain Guy and buildings, trees, roads and hills by Herb Gundt of HG Walls in South Bend, Indiana. I am looking forward to seeing how the terrain pieces match up with the winter mat. It should be quite something to see. I will post pictures on Sunday, after I return from the convention.


  1. Your orders, sir, are to have an excellent time!

    -- Jeff

  2. Superb painting and basing - I really like how those figures turned out

  3. Nice work, those Minden figures are tempting but I will resist the temptation.

  4. Sir the jaegers look great once again I am inspired on how to put together a hessian jaeger unit for AWI or napoleonic skirmishers for ITGM. One question though - have you ever thought of adding a blog search feature for your blog archive so those of us who would like to find stuff in your past blogs entries can find them more easily.
    Best regards

  5. Excellent! I especially like the one resting his gun on the tree stump and the group behind the stone walls.

  6. I am in South Bend, Indiana this evening setting up the tables for our SYW games on Friday and Saturday. I was able to snag space in the main game room for a 24 foot by 6 foot table and two 24 x 3 foot back tables. We are using our winter terrain and new winter terrain game mats from The Terrain Guy. Friday's game will feature the Prussian assault on Leuthen churchyard and village while the main Saturday game will be the Battle of Mollwitz. It should be a great convention

  7. I would have loved to be with you there Jim . . . maybe one day, sigh . .

    Great job on the Jagers.It is noce to see them given this treatment. Makes me very proud of them :-)
    Have a great weekend.