Monday, November 30, 2009

Bosniaks & Black Hussars

Crusader Miniatures Bosniaks in post SYW summer uniform. Click pix to enlarge.

I completed the squadron of Bosniak lancers this evening and thought that I would post some pictures, even though I have not done the basing yet. That will be done tomorrow. The most difficult and tedious part was painting the white edging on the "van dyke" pattern of the shabraque, closely followed by the chore of painting the black "barbershop pole stripe" on the lances. I will eventually add some lance pennons as well, although I haven't decided whether to make them freehand or use some of the GMB Designs pennons.

Foundry dismounted hussars in mirlitons, painted as a 12-figure squadron of dismounted hussars for HR5 von Ruesch (the Black Hussars). Click pix to enlarge the view.

Over the long holiday weekend, I whipped out the dozen dismounted Black Hussars in about a day. What the heck, they are mostly black and have a minimal amount of equipment plus there is no design on the sabertache. Now that's my kind of uniform!!!!

Next on the painting docket: 18 dismounted von Kliest horse grenadiers to use in our upcoming Light Troop game on saturday December 5, 2009. Given that this is the anniversary of Leuthen, that must be a good omen for Prussian fortunes in our upcoming game.

Der Alte Fritz's Thanksgiving Day Turkey

And speaking of Thanksgiving, you can see what our bird looked like as we took it out of the oven. I was impressed with the golden brown color of the skin so I just had to take a picture. I was going to post it on Thanksgiving Day, but with a dozen guests over for dinner, I got a bit distracted and didn't get around to posting the picture until today.


  1. "barbershop pole stripe"! Incrdible! And the Hussars look very determined. Excellent paint job on the turkey, too!

    Thanks a lot for the picture of the dismounted hussars. They have to go on my christmas list. [Right on time before im bound by my 2010 pledge, not to buy more figures than I paint :-)]

    Looking forward to the light troops game!

  2. Those Hussars look great and this is the first time for me that a lance was one of the more remarkable aspects of the miniatures appearance - very impressive. I'm assuming these are 28mm figures.

  3. Bosniaks are great - love the barber pole lances but the Von Ruesch Schwartzen Reiter (aus Fusse!) get my vote Alte! Were they the famous Totenkopf? That turkey made my mouth water too!


  4. Can you tell me what brand of paints you used for the turkey?


    Wonderful posting, as usual.