Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Emmitsburg Road


I am working on the road terrain for my Pickett's Charge game and wasn't sure about the color of the ground in the road. I found a couple of pictures on the Net and I think that I found my answer. I was also able to confirm that the Emmitsburg Road did not have an improved surface nor toll collection booths. So it is basically a dirt road with post and rail fences on either side.

This picture of the Emmitsburg Road depicts the missing rails from the 
post and rail fences, but there is also some evidence of stone walls topped with 
wooden rails.

Baltimore Pike on the left and the Emmitsburg Road on the right in a picture
likely taken in the 1860s after the battle of Gettysburg. Today, a toy soldier 
shop is located where the two-story building in the center is shown.


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