Friday, January 12, 2024

My Painting Kit for Vacation


My vacation painting kit.

I’m currently on vacay in Florida for several weeks this January and given the amount of time that I will be spending away from the painting table, I decided to create a traveling painting kit to use in Florida. The reason for this is that I still need to paint 200 to 300 more 54mm figures for my Pickett’s Charge convention game so I can’t afford to lose valuable time.

Little Wars convention is coming up fast ( April 18-21, 2024) and I’m planning on rolling out the game at that show.  Thus I will need the majority of the figures that I have planned for the game far earlier than my original May 2024 goal for the Historicon game.

At any rate, my painting kit consists of : 60 primed Union soldiers and 30 unprimed figures; cans of spray primer, gloss finish and Matt finish; assorted paint brushes; assorted paints needed for ACW figures; and assorted tools such as Exacto knives and files.

The first 30 figures are finished, all in a charging pose.

As of today I have completed 30 Union figures and have started to block in the colors for the next 30 figures. Mrs Fritz arrived in Florida yesterday so I had a few days to myself during which I had some painting time.

Here are some vacay pix of Dad and Daughter in Florida.

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